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GitHub Co-Pilot

As you know, GitHub recently released a project called "Co-Pilot". Available for 60 days for free and then for a monthly fee of 10 dollars, this project basically aims to facilitate people who write code.

As the name suggests, co-pilot works as a helper and is tasked with providing suggestions to your code. Its main purpose is to look at the progress of the code you write and create a suggestion for you with the experience it gains from other code examples written in that language. To do this, he of course used GitHub's huge databases. He analyzed the projects in GitHub and learned how and for what purpose the code was written. So basically it did "Data Analysis". Now, using this analyzed data, it offers us suggestions and aims to make our lives easier.

Basically, what it does is to analyze our code and understand what we are trying to write. After understanding our goal, it looks at similar codes written in line with this goal and offers us the most suitable suggestion.

While it can offer suggestions according to the course of the code, if we specify what we want in the comment lines added to the code, it also offers us a code that suits our request by directly completing that comment line.

I think this project, which is still quite raw, will be much more useful over time and will be especially useful for us programmers. I would like everyone to take a look.

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