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Shopping App on WEB3 by Near Protocol

I will briefly describe the NEAR Protocol and purpose of this project.

NEAR is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that uses sharding technology to achieve scalability also known as Nightshade. NEAR protocol allows developer and users to create, activate and use smart contracts that deployed on the NEAR blockchain system

Nightshade allows NEAR Protocol to maintain a single chain of data, while distributing the computing required to maintain this data into “chunks.” These chunks are handled by nodes, who process the data and add the information to the main chain.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is the native token of the NEAR ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 token with a max supply of 1 billion. NEAR can be used for paying transaction and storage fees on the network NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp

Purpose of this project is, recently, with the collabration of and NEAR, self-paced NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp started in the website.

Before joining the bootcamp, provided participants with Web3 Fundementals Course. After completing fundemental course, participants can join the NEAR Developer Course. After completing the course, users should create an app that runs on NEAR blockchain with smart contracts.

For completing this course, I created an shopping app written in AssemblyScript. App deploys multiple smart contract to the Near blockchain and users can View and Call the smart contracts. While view’ing (View function doesn’t state change of data in the blockchain so it is free) free, call function costs NEAR token which depends on the process.

You can find my app on github with this link. I added all the requiried documentation and demo video link which recorded on Loom.


Provides a decentralized Web3 api interface for online shopping. App runs fully on the Near blockchain with smart contracts. Users can create account, from that account can login/logout. Can create different carts for specific purpose like, breakfast, dinner, technology etc. Users can add specific product to this carts and manage their shopping experience seamlessly.

You can follow the instructions in the github repo and use the smart contracts as you wish. Please give a star, if you like the repo.


With the help of tutorials provided by both and NEAR, I improved myself in the blockchain technologies significantly.

I learned how to write, AssemblyScript which is a TypeScript like language for WebAssembly. AssemblyScript is gives low level control over web assembly. Unlike TypeScript, you build AssemblyScript into wasm(WebAssembly) then deploy this assembly.

I learn the NEAR CLI which is both powerful and easy to learn.

I strongly recommend to go to website for learning both Web3 and other technologies.

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Web3 Fundamentals and NEAR


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