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Web3 Fundamentals and NEAR

NEAR Use Case

These contents have been prepared using online resources.’s own contents are currently under preparation.

Guest Book is a smart contract build on top of NEAR Protocol. It is a simple smart contract that allows you to add a message and donation (optional). It is built by using AssemblyScript on the contract side, and React on the frontend.

Let’s take a look at this smart contract and see how it is very similar compared to any other application that is built on Web 2.0.

  • Click this link to go to the dApp


  • Here you need to login with your wallet to be able to use this dApp


  • Click next to continue


  • Click Connect to continue


  • After you logged in, you will see your account ID.
  • It means you successfully logged in to the dApp!
  • Now, try to type your first message that will be stored in the blockchain.
  • Click the button “Sign”


  • You will see your message appear at the bottom of the list with many other messages from different accounts.
  • Congrats! You have just interacted with the blockchain!
  • OPTIONAL: If you are wondering about the “Donation” part, don’t be shy and try to attach some amount of NEAR and see what happens with your next message.
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