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Web3 Fundamentals and NEAR

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain ?

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Blockchain is a specialized database. For doing this, it uses a decentralized network to create a ledger for the transactions. Users can interact with the ledger through Cryptography. From all over the world people and computers connect with each other and add new pages(blocks) to the ledger.

"Blockchains are:

  1. Decentralized: Transactions are stored on a network of computers (nodes).
  2. Immutable: Transactions cannot be changed once committed to the block.
  3. Open: Transactions can be viewed by anyone.


Each block has:

  1. A list of transactions
  2. A hash (a long string of random characters) for the block
  3. The previous block’s hash (this is how the blocks are linked)"

If you want to know more about blockchain you can check out these resources here.

And you can chech out these

For further information: What is Blockchain?

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