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Web3 Fundamentals and NEAR

What is NEAR Protocol?

What is NEAR Protocol?

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NEAR Protocol ("NEAR" hereafter) is a decentralized development platform where developers can host serverless applications and smart contracts that easily connect to "open finance" [1] networks and benefit from an ecosystem of "open web" [2] components.

Unlike most blockchain-based platforms, NEAR Protocol is built from the ground up to be the easiest in the world for developers and their end users, while still providing the scalability and security you need to serve those users. Specifically, NEAR is designed to make it easier to:

  1. Build decentralized applications, even if you're only used to building with "traditional" web or app concepts.
  2. Onboard users with a smooth experience, even if they have never used crypto, tokens, keys, wallets, or other blockchain artifacts.
  3. Scale your application seamlessly - the underlying platform automatically expands capacity via sharding without additional costs or effort on your part.

[1]: "Open Finance" networks facilitate digital value transfer and storage using tokens and tokenized assets. This spans everything from easy peer-to-peer payments to sophisticated lending and trading protocols.

[2]: "Open Web" components are re-usable smart contracts that share state, making for easy composability of applications that still protect users' data. Whereas Open Finance is built on the permissionless movement of value, the Open Web further generalizes this openness to operate on all data.

A good video for NEAR Protocol

For further information: What is NEAR Protocol?

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