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NEAR Developer Course

It's time to submit your project 😎

The contract should use all of the following features of NEAR Protocol: Storage, Context, Persistent, Collections, Assert statements

There are two steps:

STEP 1: 📌 After reading the instructions below, submit your project here.

  • "Who was running the training" question: Choose Patika from the dropdown.
  • "Which session did you attend?" question: Skip this question.
  • NEAR MainNet Account: At this point, you need to create a mainnet account which is similar to a testnet account but the only difference is you need to send at least 0.1 NEAR to your wallet address during the process. You can see how to do it with an explanation here
  • Project GitHub Link: Write your project repository’s link.
  • Project Demo Details: Share a short description of your project. Mention if you have any documentation about the project.
  • Project Video Demo: Share your Loom recording link.
  • Please share a few words about yourself :)

STEP 2: Please fill out this form in just 1 minute as well. This is needed to help us track your project review process with the NEAR Education team.

A huge congratulations to you! We are looking forward to review your project and seeing you among us as a NEAR Certified Developer 🎓

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Yazılım Kariyerinde İlerlemeni Hızlandıracak Eğitimler

Kendi kendine yazılım öğrenirken zorlanıyor, takıldığın noktalarda bir mentore mi ihtiyaç duyuyorsun? Patika+ programlarımız ile 4-8 aylık yoğun eğitim kamplarına katıl, proje tabanlı canlı dersler ve sana özel hazırlanmış eğitimlerle gereken tüm yetenekleri kazan, iş hayatına başla!


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