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NEAR Developer Course

Before building your project, share your project plan with us on a basic level. Follow the steps below:

  • Create a repo
  • On your readme file, write:
  • 1) What will the project do for the user?
  • 2) How are you using the features of NEAR Protocol?

Submit your repo below

Depending on how fast you go, building the project may take anywhere between half a day to two weeks.

After you submit your repo below, you should pause progressing on this course. Next materials talk about how you will submit the completed project.

Now it is time for you to get started on your project, talk to your peers, and code code code! Good luck 🙌

If you get stuck, follow the steps below:

  • Look into the previous example projects and read their code
  • Search on the internet, especially on StackOverFlow
  • If you couldn’t find the answer, you can ask on StackOverflow with [nearprotocol] tag
  • Talk with other bootcamp students on Discord

Please share with us your demo project outline! Add your GitHub link which includes readme file and your basic ideas about the project.

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