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NEAR Developer Course

NEAR Certified Developer - Final Project

This course is to make you a NEAR Certified Developer! Exciting, right? 🎉

We'll walk you through all the steps needed to submit a project and a demo. The demo to become a NEAR Certified Developer will include below features:

Don't worry, you will learn everything along the way! ✌️

Project scope

  • You must have a smart contract that you can deploy to NEAR TestNet and call
  • The contract interface must not be a copy of any examples or demos that you found. If you are making a derivative work, please FORK the repo that inspired you or RISK losing your certification
  • The contract should use all of the following features of NEAR Protocol: Storage, Context, Persistent, Collections, Assert statements

Project scripts

The contract should include scripts to drive it using either Bash and NEAR CLI or near-api-js in NodeJS files

Project demo and submission preparation

  • The repo must include a video recording of your demo of 3-5 minutes length maximum
  • The repo must include sufficient documentation to standup your project after cloning locally
  • The repo must include some kind of explanation or overview of the intent of your project

This entire course will help you prepare a successful project submission and will make you a NEAR Certified Developer.

Let's start 🏃🏃‍♀️

Additional note:

We are running a bootcamp in parallel to this course. Many of this course's learners will be part of that bootcamp and its Discord channel. You may see some directives that ask you to do certain tasks on the Discord. If you haven't signed up to the bootcamp, but completed the first course of this pathway, you can sign up here to join the Discord and a study group.

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